RACHEL MADDOW: What Could Be Worse For The Middle East Than FOX News Exporting Glenn Beck To Israel?!

The answer is, probably a lot of things.

Needless to say Rachel Maddow was non-plussed at the idea of Glenn Beck‘s plan to hold a ‘Restoring Courage’ rally in Israel this summer. 

After highlighting all the delicate and well thought-out steps President Obama is taking with regards to the explosive situation there, Maddow speculated that nothing could be worse than an appearance by Glenn Beck:

“What could be worse than Fox News exporting its end of the world conspiracy theorist who sees Communists and George Soros as a Jewish puppet-master in everything? What American export can be less helpful to the Middle East than that?”

Like I said, probably many, many things.  Moreover, presumably the Israelis are able to differentiate between Glenn Beck (if they even know who he is?) and someone who has actual foreign policy clout. 

It should be noted that after touching on Beck Maddow goes on to highlight one of those worse things, namely Blackwater founder Eric Prince who is currently building a private mercer nary army in the United Arab Emirates.  Much worse.  Video below. 

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