RACHEL MADDOW ON WEINER: He Lied To My Face When I Asked Him Directly About This

Rachel Maddow

Last night, Rachel Maddow sat down with David Letterman on “The Late Show” to talk Weinergate and political sex scandals.

When asked by Letterman if the scandal surrounding Rep. Anthony Weiner was “something,” Maddow responded, “if he resigns, it is something,” otherwise the story is “more gossip than news.”

While Maddow notes that the scandal “does raise questions of judgment and recklessness” for Weiner, she was quick to point out the hypocrisy in the calls for resignation by fellow politicians.

Referencing other political sex scandals, Maddow pointed out Louisiana Senator David Vitter who has “admitted to using the service of prostitutes”:

“Nobody from the Republican Party has ever called for him to resign, but yet they are calling for Anthony Weiner to resign, and that to me says a lot more about the Republican Party, than it does about Anthony Weiner. That sort of hypocrisy.”

However, there is still the issue that Anthony Weiner lied before he confessed via press conference.

As a member of the press to whom Weiner directly lied when asked about the tweeted crotch shot, Maddow said, “He lied to my face when I asked him directly about this. So when he apologized for the lying, I felt like, yeah, I’m ready to hear that.”

Watch the complete interview below.

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