Google Just Bought The Cloud-Based CGI Team Behind Star Trek And Looper

Star trek into darkness enterpriseParamount PicturesGoogle bought Zync Render, a firm providing cloud-based CGI to producers of movies such as ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ and ‘Looper’.

Google said it bought Zync Render, the visual effects cloud-rendering technology company behind “Star Trek Into Darkness”.

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 2D or 3D model, or models, using computer programs.

Zync provides online tools to render video.

Zync software has been used to render hundreds of commercials and over a dozen feature films, including the likes of “Flight”, “Looper” and “American Hustle”.

Zoe saldana star trek into darknessParamount PicturesZync’s cloud-based software is noted for its speed over conventional software.

“Together Zync and (Google) Cloud Platform will offer studios the rendering performance and capacity they need, while helping them manage costs,” Google product manager Belwadi Srikanth wrote in a blog, announcing the deal.

“For example, with per-minute billing, studios aren’t trapped into paying for unused capacity when their rendering needs don’t fit in perfect hour increments,” he added.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Google was not immediately available for comment.

(Reporting By Subrat Patnaik; Editing by Simon Jennings)

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