Check Out Qwiki, The Startup That Lets You Watch Search Results Instead Of Read Them

Danielle Abraham, qwiki, june 2012, bi, dngDanielle Abraham is the Director of Qwiki Love, AKA business development, onboarding, and corporate communications.

Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Qwiki is like a visual Wikipedia.It turns information into quick videos with pictures, maps and voiceovers, and it just partnered with Bing.

Now when you search for things on Bing, Qwiki videos pop up as the second result — just in case you want to watch what you’re searching for rather than read about it.

We took a tour of the startup’s new office in New York City where thirteen people are making the world searchable through video.

It was founded in 2010 by Doug Imbruce and has raised more than $10 million to date.

Qwiki's office is in the chic Soho neighbourhood in a classic, but restored, building.

It has a slick logo mounted on an exposed brick wall that lines the entire space.

It gives the whole office a warm feeling.

The office fits the team. There's a lot of space and a relaxed atmosphere.

The desks, like the walls, have an unfinished, rough around the edges, charm to them.

Exposed pipes bring some colour to the office.

Yup, they look pretty cool.

Qwiki's in-house studio. The product is designed to let anyone make their own videos, so Qwiki keeps its studio pretty basic.

There is definitely a fun vibe around the office.

The turntables get use every Friday for a small weekly office party.

The beer also gets plenty of use at the Friday gatherings.

Justin Windle is a front-end developer who has been with Qwiki for 3 months. He made the move from San Fransisco to New York with the company. Every employee has a big, shiny Mac on his/her desk.

The toy on his desk was a gift from a friend when he left an earlier job.

Hanjie Ji is originally from Shanghai, China and has been with Qwiki for about a year. A back-end engineer, he joined Qwiki after graduating from the University of Rochester.

The company is proud of its move from SOMA to SOHO.

Danielle Abraham is the Director of Qwiki Love, a quirky way of saying she heads up Biz Dev, Onboarding, and corporate communications - a lady with many hats.

She sits next to Navin Thukkaram, Qwiki's COO.

He is kind of the sheriff around here. He got the props during a company party and he showed off his badge.

Rasmus Knutsson, originally from Sweden, is Qwiki's Creative Director. He lived in London before joining Qwiki in Palo Alto and then moved with it to New York. There's only one Qwiki employee left in San Francisco.

What could be at the end of that arrow...

The kitchen.

Espresso keeps the office humming.

And a stocked fridge helps.

But it was lunch time as our tour ended and, as the office emptied out, so did we.

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