Qwest Field "Large" Beers And "Medium" Beers Are Actually The Same Size

Seattle was rocked last weekend, not just by Marshawn Lynch’s “Beast Mode” touchdown, but by the brewing  scandal discovered by two beer “aficionados” at the Seahawks’ Qwest Field.

These inquisitive fans discovered that the 20 oz. beer cup that normally sells for $8.50 holds just as much beer as the 16. oz. cup that sells for just $7.25. Paying that extra $1.25 gets you the exact same amount of suds.

After this YouTube video made the rounds, Qwest Field acknowledged that the different size cups are indeed an optical illusion and they do hold the same amount of liquid. However, their spin was that because both cups hold 20 ounces, the fans who bought the smaller size actually got a great bargain! How generous.

The chagrined stadium did agree to sell all their beer (in 20 ounce cups) for $7.25 during Saturday’s game against the Saints. You have to keep The 12 Man happy and apparently that strategy worked.

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