13 revealing quotes from Australia's new Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison/ TwitterSoon-to-be Prime Minister Scott Morrison (L), former Prime Minister John Howard (C), and outgoing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (R).

Scott Morrison is the new leader of the Liberal Party and Australia’s 30th Prime Minister after beating Peter Dutton for the Liberal leadership in a party room ballot on Friday.

During the former Turnbull government, he was treasurer, delivering three federal budgets.

If you’re still unsure who Morrison is, and what his political history looks like, you can find a succinct profile here.

In the meantime, we’ve collected 13 quotes that reveal the inner workings of Australia’s new PM.

Here they are:

On Amazon operating in Australia

The second-biggest company in the world, run by the richest man in the world, shouldn’t get a leave pass from paying tax in Australia, if multinationals aren’t forced to pay their fair share of tax, they will have a competitive advantage over retailers here in Australia, on our own main streets and in our shopping centers.

— Reuters, May 2018.

To Ray Hadley who suggested Morrison misled him on his involvement in bringing down former Prime Minister Tony Abbott

I don’t see what my faith has got to do with it. You get to judge my policies but you don’t get to judge my faith. I don’t have to swear on a Bible. I swear an oath when I take a Ministerial office. I swear an oath when I go as a Member of Parliament and that’s where I do those things ’cause that’s they’re, they’re they are serious things you do in our parliamentary chamber as part of our democracy. I didn’t mislead you on Monday. I haven’t misled you at any time in our discussions over years.

–2GB, September 2015.

On Australia’s relationship with religion

Australia is not a secular country — it is a free country. This is a nation where you have the freedom to follow any belief system you choose. Secularism is just one. It has no greater claim than any other on our society. As US Senator Joe Lieberman said, the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not from religion. I believe the same is true in this country. So what values do I derive from my faith? My answer comes from Jeremiah, chapter 9:24: “I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things, declares the Lord.”

— His maiden speech, February 2008.

Discussing his role as shadow immigration minister and ‘stopping the boats’ when the Liberals were in opposition

You can’t just take the easy jobs in politics.

— The AFR, 2009.

His thoughts on what the ALP thinks of him

When I stand up in Parliament, the Labor benches whistle.

— The AFR, date unknown.

On his wife and building a family

Words are not enough. She has loved and supported me in all things and made countless sacrifices, consistent with her generous, selfless and caring nature. However, above all, I thank her for her determination to never give up hope for us to have a child. After 14 years of bitter disappointments, God remembered her faithfulness and blessed us with our miracle child, Abbey Rose, on the seventh of the seventh of the seventh, to whom I dedicate this speech today in the hope of an even better future for her and her generation.

— His maiden speech, February 2008.

On the same sex marriage debate

People of very strong religious views, they have also been subject to quite dreadful hate speech and bigotry as well. It is not confined to one side of this debate.

I understand the concern [Labor senator] Penny [Wong] is raising, I know it from personal experience, having been exposed to that sort of hatred and bigotry for the views I’ve taken, from others who have a different view to me.

— The Guardian, June 2016.

Discussing his love of NRL, and the Cronulla Sharks

I love coming down here on game day and you see the kids walking into the ground with their mums and dads, their aunties and uncles and their grandparents – and I think that’s what footy is all about. That’s what sport is all about. This is a sport-mad community and they want to celebrate and enjoy it here.

— The Sydney Morning Herald, October 2016.

On religious freedoms and the government

Separation of church and state was set up to protect the church from the state, not the other way around. To protect ­religious freedoms.

— The Australia, December 2017.

On the radicalisation of terrorists

The issue here is when people leave, they’re at this level of radicalisation (right hand at stomach height). When they get over there and what they’re exposed to, they’re at that level (right hand at head height). And their influence while they’re over there exists back here to Australia.

— The ABC, September 2014.

On the GST plan for the states and territories

We do believe in a fair go and a fair go has to be for everyone. The system wasn’t providing a fair go for everyone.

— Nine News, July 2018.

His vision for Australia a decade ago

My vision for Australia is for a nation that is strong, prosperous and generous: strong in our values and our freedoms, strong in our family and community life, strong in our sense of nationhood and in the institutions that protect and preserve our democracy; prosperous in our enterprise and the careful stewardship of our opportunities, our natural environment and our resources; and, above all, generous in spirit, to share our good fortune with others, both at home and overseas, out of compassion and a desire for justice.

— His maiden speech, February 2008.

His vision for Australia on becoming PM

Drought is the first thing I need to turn attention to but issues such as electricity prices.

There is the continuation of consideration in that area. In healthcare, I am distressed by the challenge of chronic illness in this country and those who suffer from it. Affordable medicines, aged care, Medicare, small and medium sized businesses, and to ensure that we are continuing to deliver the encouragement and support to that enterprise ethic that exists across our economy.

There are some key early priorities. But it really does come back to those three things: keeping our economy strong, keeping Australians safe, and keeping Australians together.

Address to the media at the new Liberal leader, August 24, 2018.

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