This Is The Anonymous Quote That Doomed The Knicks And Landed Jeremy Lin In Houston

Jeremy Lin

Photo: TNT

Jeremy Lin is now a member of the Houston Rockets and there are a lot of people wondering how and why the New York Knicks could have let this happen. Ultimately, we can look back at one quote from an anonymous source that changed the course of both teams and the future of Linsanity.On July 5th, reports broke that the Rockets had met with Lin and offered him a back-loaded “poison pill” contract. That’s when an anonymous source told ESPN’s Marc Stein how the Knicks would react to the offer…

“They will match any offer on Lin up to 1 billion dollars.”

This was a sentiment that was echoed by talking heads everywhere, including the likes of Stephen A. Smith on ESPN.

Of course, Lin had not yet signed the offer sheet. And upon hearing this, the Rockets had no choice but to make the contract even more difficult for the Knicks to swallow, and Lin would have been an idiot to turn down more money.

And as they say, the rest is Linstory.

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