Quora Takes A Cue From Pinterest And Expands Beyond Q&A

Adam D'Angelo

Hopping on the personal curation trend, Quora has added a product called Boards to its basic question and answer platform.

It looks like a pretty big change of pace for the company, whose basic Q&A platform has proven popular in the Silicon Valley tech community, but hasn’t really caught a mainstream audience yet.

Boards allows Quora users to organise and share information from Quora and the Web. In the same way Pinterest allows people to share things they love, Quora’s new Boards feature will do the same for information.

Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo wrote in a blog post to explain Boards:

“On your profile, you can create any number of boards. Then, you can post any kind of content to them. You can write new posts, you can repost questions, answers, topics, or anything else that already exists on Quora, and you can also post a link to any page from the web. Boards have followers, and when you post something to a board, it will be shown to all of them. In this way, a board works like a lighter-weight version of a blog. But you can use them for organisation, to make lists of things, as mailing lists, or anything else you want. You can add multiple authors to a board to make it collaborative. We support private boards as well.”

Boards allows people to follow people’s interests and professions rather than just people. Here’s an example of a Board based around a person’s interests:

Quora boards


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