A Lot Of Quora's $50 Million Is Going Straight To Amazon

amazon jeff bezosNot that Jeff Bezos needs more money.

Photo: AP

So Quora, the hot question-and-answer site, just raised $50 millionsome of it in a matter of days—from eager investors.

Where’s the money going?

Quora cofounder Adam D’Angelo has already answered the question—on Quora. The answer: Amazon.

Amazon.com, besides its vast online store, also rents out computing power to startups like Quora, so they don’t have to buy servers and lease space in data centres themselves. The division is called Amazon Web Services, and one of its key offerings is the Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2.

“We project a large portion of this money to go to EC2 and other AWS bills,” wrote D’Angelo. “It might be replaced by whatever the most appropriate place for us to run our infrastructure is in the future but as of today it’s looking like EC2.”

Quora’s also going to be hiring—it currently has 35 employees and lots of job openings—but much of the rest of the money is going to stay in the bank as a “cushion” in case of an economic downturn.

Quora still has roughly half—an estimated $5.5 million—of its first round of financing from 2010 left over, D’Angelo wrote.

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