How To Play The Fastest Growing iPhone Game Of All Time

Do you know who won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1941? Can you guess how many times the Boston Celtics have won the NBA championships?

I couldn’t until I started playing QuizUp.

This incredibly fun app, with 3.5 million users according New York Magazine’s Kevin Roose, generates hundreds of topics a day for endless playthrough. It’s the fastest growing iPhone game of all time.

Questions relating to business, technology, movies and TV. Players can even request a new topic for Quizup to add.

The setup process is easy and and you won’t be able to put it down. You can download QuizUp from the App Store here and immediately forget about Candy Crush.

Here's the start screen for Quiz Up. Start playing by syncing with your Facebook account or email.

This is the welcome area. Pick a category to start playing.

Once you pick a category, QuizUp picks an opponent for you. Competitors can be friends of gamers from around the world.

QuizUp matches you with a player and then the game begins.

Let the games begin!

This is how the questions appear on your phone. Tap once to answer the question before the other gamer does.

Is this round of trivia too tough? Hit the screen once to have this prompt appear.

In case you start waving the white flag, this screen shows how many questions you got right and powerups earned.

Players can get lucky too if the other gamer gives up!

This screen shows up when you win an intense round of trivia.

Here is the main menu. Click on topics.

QuizUp adds new categories every day too.

This tracks how many games you play.

The app tells you when Facebook friends join in on the fun.

Messages can be sent your inbox. This is the best way to talk trash.

QuizUp is developing a bigger social component so players may be able to find interesting topics on this board.

Keep track of your achievements.

This is where you can find powerups. Keep playing to win more!

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