QUIZ: Do you know what the numbers attached to these 10 brand names actually mean?

They easily roll off the tongue: 7UP, Chanel No.5, WD-40.

But what do those numbers actually mean?

See if you can guess the reasons why these 10 brands have numbers attached to their names and marketing slogans.

This slideshow was compiled using information from an infographic kindly supplied by Lottoland.

Q: Why Chanel 'No.5'?

A: Coco Chanel chose the fifth fragrance that perfumier Ernest Beaux produced for her. The official launch date was 5/5/1921.

A: Britvic, which distributes 7UP in the UK and Ireland, claims the brand was named after the seven main ingredients in the drink. The drink was originally created in 1929 after CL Grigg won a competition in the US to find the tastiest lemon and lime drink. But his original name for it -- Bib-label Lithiated Lemon Lime Soda -- was a little hard to pronounce.

Britvic Ireland

Source: Britvic

Q: Why is it called the 'Six Flags' amusement park?

A: The corporation is named 'Six Flags over Texas,' which references the six nations that have had sovereignty over the state: France, Mexico, Spain, the Republic of Texas, Confederate States of America, and the USA.

Six Flags

Q: You've probably flown on one. But do you know why it's called a Boeing 747?

A: After World War II ended, the military aeroplane manufacturer divided its engineering departments into different, numbered divisions: 300s and 400s for aircraft, 500s for turbine engines, 600s for rockets and missiles, and 700s for jet aircraft transportation.


Source: Boeing

Q: Where does Jack Daniels 'Old No. 7' come from?

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

A: Only Jack knows! A fire destroyed any records that would have proved one theory that the number seven was applied to Jack Daniel's distillery for government registration, or if it was his lucky number, or he had seven girlfriends, or if it was the number seven train that carried his whiskey.

Amanda Macias/Business Insider

Source: Jack Daniel's

Q: Everyone knows Levi's. But do you know the importance of Levi's 501 number?

A: The Levi's company was officially incorporated in 1890, and it was also the year its XX (XX was industry term meaning high quality) copper-riveted pant was given the patent lot number '501.' Levi Strauss & Co. admits itself that it doesn't know why this number was chosen. The company also made a 201 jean -- a less expensive version of the pants -- as well as other products using other three-digit numbers.

Levi Strauss & Co.

Source: Levi Strauss & Co.

A: 3M was originally called the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. It started out harvesting corundum at Crystal Bay mine, but pivoted the business when it was discovered conundum supplies in the mine were limited.


Source: 3M

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