From 'Aladdin' to 'Coco,' this quiz asks you to identify 10 Disney movies from their first spoken lines

Disney StudiosWhich movie begins with this line: ‘Life’s not fair, is it?’

When it comes to Disney movies, there’s a huge amount of trivia to learn.

From remembering which Disney princess was inspired by an actual person – it’s Pocahontas! – to how many Disney movies have been made into Broadway shows, Disney fans certainly know their stuff.

However, whether you’ve seen every single flick hundreds of times or only watched a couple as a child, this Disney quiz by Play Like Mum will challenge your Disney smarts.

Can you correctly identify these 10 Disney and Pixar movies based off only their first spoken lines?

Scroll down to see whether you can guess each Disney movie correctly.

“Life’s not fair, is it?”

Disney StudiosIs this opening line from ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Aladdin,’ or ‘Up’?

Is it “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” or “Up”?

It’s “The Lion King”!

Disney Studios‘The Lion King.’

In the opening scene of “The Lion King” after the “Circle of Life” is played, Scar dangles a mouse in front of his face and asks, “Life’s not fair, is it?” He is then interrupted by his bird friend, Zazu.

“We’re under attack! Light the signal!”

Disney StudiosIs it ‘Hercules,’ ‘Mulan,’ or ‘Robin Hood’?

Is it “Hercules,” “Mulan,” or “Robin Hood”?

It’s “Mulan”!

Disney Studios‘Mulan.’

“Mulan” opens with the Huns climbing the Great Wall of China and telling terrified guards to relay the message to the emperor that they are there.

“My story begins in London, not so very long ago.”

Disney StudiosIs it ‘101 Dalmatians,’ ‘Mary Poppins,’ or ‘The Aristocats’?

Is it “101 Dalmatians,” “Mary Poppins,” or “The Aristocats”?

It’s “101 Dalmatians”!

Disney Studios‘101 Dalmatians.’

Though all three movies are set in London, “101 Dalmatians” opens with the line, “My story begins in London, not so very long ago.”

“Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place.”

Disney Studios/PixarIs it ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Toy Story,’ or ‘Moana’?

Is it “Aladdin,” “Toy Story,” or “Moana”?

It’s “Aladdin”!

Disney Studios‘Aladdin.’

“Aladdin” opens with a local merchant beginning the story of Aladdin’s magical lamp.

“This is the story of how I died.”

Disney StudiosIs it ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ ‘Frankenweenie,’ or ‘Tangled’?

Is it “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Frankenweenie,” or “Tangled”?

It’s “Tangled”!

Disney Studios‘Tangled.’

Flynn Rider opens “Tangled” by saying, “This is the story of how I died.”

“All right, everyone, this is a stickup! Don’t anybody move! Now empty that safe!”

Disney Studios/PixarIs it ‘Toy Story,’ ‘Toy Story 2,’ or ‘Toy Story 3’?

Is it “Toy Story,” “Toy Story 2,” or “Toy Story 3”?

It’s “Toy Story”!

Disney Studios/Pixar‘Toy Story.’

The first “Toy Story” movie begins with the line, “All right, everyone, this is a stickup! Don’t anybody move! Now empty that safe!” while Andy plays with his then-favourite toy, Woody.

“All this has happened before. And it will all happen again.”

Disney StudiosIs it ‘The Jungle Book,’ ‘Peter Pan,’ or ‘Brave’?

Is it “The Jungle Book,” “Peter Pan,” or “Brave”?

It’s “Peter Pan”!

Disney StudiosTinkerbell.

Peter Pan begins with an opening shot of London and the following quote:

“All this has happened before, and it will all happen again. But this time it happened in London. It happened on a quiet street in Bloomsbury. That corner house over there is the home of the Darling family. And Peter Pan chose this particular house because there were people here who believed in him.”

“You poor little fella. It’s all right. Big Mama’s here.”

Disney Studios/PixarIs it ‘The Fox and the Hound,’ ‘Bambi,’ or ‘Finding Nemo’?

Is it “The Fox and the Hound,” “Bambi,” or “Finding Nemo”?

It’s “The Fox and the Hound”!

Disney Studios‘The Fox and the Hound.’

“The Fox and the Hound” begins with a fox carrying her baby as she runs through fields and forests – before an owl spots the cub being left behind.

“In a faraway land long ago lived a king and his fair queen.”

Disney StudiosIs it ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ ‘Frozen,’ or ‘Tangled’?

Is it “Sleeping Beauty,” “Frozen,” or “Tangled”?

It’s “Sleeping Beauty”!

Disney Studios‘Sleeping Beauty.’

In the classic style of earlier Disney princess movies, “Sleeping Beauty” begins with a golden storybook opening to reveal the first lines of the story, “In a faraway land long ago lived a king and his fair queen.”

“Sometimes I think I’m cursed because of something that happened before I was even born.”

Disney Studios/PixarIs it ‘Tangled,’ ‘The Princess and the Frog,’ or ‘Coco’?

Is it “Tangled,” “The Princess and the Frog,” or “Coco”?

It’s “Coco”!

Disney Studios/PixarIn ‘Coco,’ Miguel enters the underworld to follow his passion for music.

In “Coco,” Miguel Rivera begins telling the story of his family by revealing that he thinks he is cursed.

How many Disney movies did you identify correctly?

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