QUIZ: Guess Which TV Ads These Models Are In From Their Real-Life Headshots

krysta rodriguezThis model advertises a popular garlic-y grocery product — but which one?

Photo: Wikimedia, CC.

Another month has gone by, so it’s time once again to test your knowledge of current video and TV advertising.If you’ve watched TV, you’ve seen this woman’s face, but we’re betting you can’t figure out where.

Looks can be deceptive, of course. On TV, her makeup, hair and wardrobe are completely different. Take this quiz and see if you can match the model to the commercial.

(Hat tip to Who Is That Hot Ad Girl.)

Q. Which fast-food chain does this model advertise?

A. Sandra Allen is the actress in McDonald's Peach Smoothies campaign.

Q. Which non-profit group does this model support?

A. PETA. Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney's girlfriend) plays the girl who gets locked in the car on a hot summer's day.

Q. Who does this model advertise?

A. Casey Gagliardi is the new Beezid girl.

Q. Which restaurant does Chelsea Salmon eat at?

A. She's the new Carl's Jr model.

Q. Which haircare brand does this actress advertise?

A. Tracy Weiler appears as a brunette in the new Head And Shoulders ads.

Q. Which personal product does this model advertise?

A. Melissa Benoist is the current face of Tampax.

Q. Which burger joint does Raina Hein advertise?

A. McDonald's (again). She's the face of the new Chocolate Chip Frappe.

Q. Model Catrinel Menghia has a new set of ads out—for whom?

A. The Fiat 500.

Q. What product does Katie Savoy drink?

A. Tequila Avion.

Q. Which brand of cheese does Krysta Rodriguez advertise?

A. Boursin.

Now rate your scores!

If you got more than 7/10, you must be a commercial casting director.
If you got between 4 and 7 right, you watch too much TV.
If you got between 1 and 3 right, gold star!
If you got zero right, congratulations--you have a life!

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