QUIZ: Guess Which TV Ads These Models Are In From Their Real-Life Headshots

Carly Foulkes Twitter

Photo: Model’s own / Twitter

You’ve seen this woman’s face a million times, but we’re betting you can’t figure out where.Yet she appears every night on TV in the commercials of one of America’s biggest advertisers.

Looks can be deceptive, of course. On TV, her makeup, hair and wardrobe are completely different. Take this quiz and see if you can match the model to the commercial.

(Hat tip to Who Is That Hot Ad Girl.)

Q. Which hair care brand does this model advertise?

A. Garnier Fructis. Arielle Vandenberg is the woman Tina Fey keeps interrupting in the current campaign.

Q. Which wireless carrier does this actress advertise?

Q. Which automobile does this comedian and actress advertise?

A. BMW. Alice Wetterlund is also a standup comedian.

Q. Which brand of liquor does this model advertise?

A. Wild Turkey. She's model Christine Vaughn.

Q. Which automobile does this actress advertise?

Here's a clue: She is best known for her role as the often topless script girl in Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Q. Which chewing gum does this model advertise?

A. Stride Gum. Camille Cregan plays the redhead who broke the barista's heart in high school.

Q. Which fast-food chain does this model advertise?

A. Wendy's. It's model Dixie Perkinson.

Q. Which brand of electronics is this model the new face of?

A. Samsung. She's model Angela Bellotte, also known as the former girlfriend of Maroon 5's Adam Levine.

Q. Which wireless carrier does this actress advertise?

A. Verizon. It's actress Desiree Hall.

Q. And finally, this woman is perhaps the most famous of anyone in this quiz, but what does she advertise?

A. T-Mobile. It's model Carly Foulkes' Twitter headshot!

Now rate your scores!

If you got more than 7/10, you must be a commercial casting director.
If you got between 4 and 7 right, you watch too much TV.
If you got between 1 and 3 right, gold star!
If you got zero right, congratulations--you have a life!

Now take a look through the other side of the camera ...

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