Quiz: How Well Do You Know The World's Currencies?


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Despite the overwhelming use of plastic money, hard cash still plays a huge role in daily deals and the market.But how well do we really know global currencies?

We’ve put together a quiz with 15 currencies from around the world.?

 In each case we’ve provided a hint, and then offered an explanation.

Hint: This country's national symbol which is used on its flag, also appears on all its notes

ANSWER: The Mongolian 20 tögrög note carries the Soyombo symbol and an image of military leader Damdin Sükhbaatar

Hint: The note carries the image of a pro-Republican icon inspired by France's national emblem.

ANSWER: Every denomination of Brazil's reais carry the pro-Republican image

Hint: The note bears the image of one of the country's kings

ANSWER: The Moroccan Dirham has the photo of King Hassan II

Hint: The currency carries an image of Naim Frashëri, a man considered to be the country's national poet

ANSWER: Albania's 200 Lekë note pays tribute to poet Naim Frashëri who was said to play an active role in the Albanian National Awakening

Hint: This country re-denominated its notes in the 1990s because of inflation

ANSWER: Poland introduced the new Zloty in 1995

Hint: This note celebrates the author of the novel María

ANSWER: The 50 Mil Colombian Peso note has a photo of Jorge Isaacs who wrote Maria and went on to be a politician

Hint: This note carries the image of one of the country's most well known scholars at an education institution

ANSWER: The 5000 South Korean Won carries the image of Confucian scholar Yi Hwang with the the back of the note carrying a painting by Jeong Seon

Hint: Its the note of a former colony

ANSWER: The CFP Franc note bears images of landscapes or historical figures of New Caledonia and French Polynesia

Note: The Comptoirs Français du Pacifique is used by the French overseas collectives which consist of French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna.

Hint: It's the world's second largest reserve currency

ANSWER: Over 175 million people use currencies that are pegged on the Euro

Hint: The note has the photo of Nobel prize winning author

ANSWER: Sweden's 20 kronor note has an image of Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf the first female author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature

Hint: The name of this currency translates to 'chop'

Hint: The note celebrates 'the father of the nation'

ANSWER: Most Indian Rupees carry the image of Mahatma Gandhi

Hint: Easily identifiable by the image of a famous Marxist revolutionary

ANSWER: The Vietnamese 500,000 Dong note has the image of Ho Chi Minh who went on to become prime minister and president of the country

Hint: The government was going to abandon the currency for the Euro in 2012

ANSWER: The Czech Republic was expected to opt out of using the Koruny in favour of the Euro in 2012, only 21% of the population favoured the move

Hint: Actually the image on this one's a dead giveaway so we're not giving you a hint

ANSWER: The 100,000 Iranian Rial note carries the image of Ruhollah Khomeini but the country is in the process of re-denominating its notes

Now read on to see which of these currencies outperformed gold...

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