QUIZ: Can You Identify Celebrities By Their Eyewear?

Lolita glasses Frederico Mauro

The stylish eyewear of stars from Elton John to Audrey Hepburn has become iconic in its own right.

Designer Frederico Mauro created a series of pictures of famous frames worn by actors, musicians, directors, and activists.

We turned a few of our favourites into a quiz (you can see the rest at Mauro’s website).

How many frames do you recognise?

Let's start easy: Which young (fictional) wizard was famous for these glasses?

Why, it's Harry Potter (played by Daniel Radcliffe)!

Which singer took a mugshot in these frames (Hint: They've since become a symbol for all of his impersonators)?

Elvis Presley wore the gold aviators in these 1970 photos that were taken at FBI headquarters (for fun) when the singer was in Washington D.C. visiting President Nixon.

These barely-there frames were the staple of which tech legend?

Steve Jobs loved his glasses, and wore them at every Apple event.

A singer made these round frames popular again in the US. Who was he?

The late John Lennon, seen here on the Dick Cavett Show with Yoko Ono in 1971.

What director is easily identified by his hipster glasses?

Woody Allen, of course! He's rarely seen without his trademark frames.

These heart shaped glasses are a huge part of pop culture. What literary character made them famous?

What human rights activist was constantly photographed in these specs?

The late Malcolm X, seen here smiling during an interview.

Which two guys made these frames extremely popular in the '80s?

Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi were The Blues Brothers, famous for their suits, hats, and dark glasses.

Interested in buying your own signature frames?

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