QUIZ: How Well Do You Really Know The Commercials On CNBC?


The most prominent TV in our office is usually tuned to CNBC. When earnings data comes out, we hear it there first. And when someone buys an ad, we watch it many, many times.

So how much do YOU know about the CNBC ads?

What is this woman hungry for?

New ideas

Where is Ellen Page's doctor?


Why does the kid have only one egg?

Egg management fee

Why spoil the what?

The fun... the fun!

How old is John Mapes?

42 with a mortgage, married, and two great kids

What is this man's full-time job?

Part-time plant manager, full-time poet

What does this man want to do with the Fidelity Green Line?

Find the best cheeseburger

Why is that kid freaking out?

He thinks the voice on the intercom (the pilot) is his dad

Why doesn't this Frenchman agree with you?

He has run some numbers and he has a dee-ferent opinion


BONUS: The Grand Prospect Hall circa 1986

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