Quit The Squabbling Over The NBN Technology, Says Hills Boss


Someone’s shouting stop.

Hills Holdings managing director Ted Pretty says the endless debates over the type of technology being used in the rollout of the NBN need to stop.

To get it back on track, he says, it needs to be treated as “massive civil infrastructure project”.

Pretty, a former Telstra executive who is now MD at the Hills investment firm, told Damon Kitney at The Australian:

“People get hung up around the NBN being a question of technology. This is a massive civil infrastructure project. You need a team who are the best in their class globally in civil infrastructure work. We are still arguing about the technology. We need to treat it like a civil infrastructure project and I just don’t think that is being done.”

Hills has contracts involved in the NBN rollout.

The trouble is that there is a $17 billion dollar difference in taxpayers’ money that’s at the heart of the squabbles.

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