The guy behind Facebook's 'Like' button is launching a new 'inbox' to kill email attachments

Quip CEO Bret TaylorDavid Paul Morris/BloombergQuip CEO Bret Taylor

Quip CEO Bret Taylor is perhaps best-known for his roles increating Google MapsandFacebook’s “Like” button.

But over the past two years, Taylor’s been busy trying to disrupt the document collaboration space with his startup Quip.

His app, that goes by the same name, allows users to create and share documents while having real-time conversations and editing on the side. It pretty much has all the basic features you’d expect from a word processor, Excel spreadsheet, and messaging apps like Slack baked into it.

And to take Quip a step further, Taylor announced a big redesign of its app on Thursday with a new feature called “inbox.” This has nothing to do with your traditional email inbox — it’s rather a list of all the documents you’re working on within Quip that gets updated every time a change is made to the shared files.

“We created an ‘inbox’ for documents which is essentially like a smart feed of all the updates of all the documents you’re working on,” Taylor told Business Insider. “The core thing is that these documents are constantly changing and being updated, and we really want to orient the product around that.”

Quip Inbox FiltersQuipQuip just released a big update that resembles an email inbox.

Taylor believes the new updates will help solve the problems commonly associated with email attachments. They often get lost in the mix and are hard to find the latest version of the document, Taylor says, and he hopes the new redesign will help people to move away from email attachments at work.

“You can use Quip as the primary workflow around these constant updates in documents without having to revert back to emails,” he said.

The update comes at an interesting time. There’s been a lot of talk over startups struggling to generate revenue recently, with a series of reports about layoffs and mark downs at high-profile companies.

But Taylor argues the redesign was done to accelerate its growth and take a much bolder approach to redefining the work collaboration space. Quip raised $30 million in October 2015, but Taylor says Quip hasn’t even finished spending the $15 million Series A funding he raised in 2013.

Without getting into details, Taylor said Quip has tripled its annualized revenue and seen fivefold growth in its userbase over the past year. And with more and more people thinking of ways to completely ditch emails at work, Taylor believes there’s a huge opportunity in this space, which has long-been dominated by tech giants like Microsoft and Google.

“We’re trying to move in a different direction than the legacy productivity suites, and I think this redesign is kind of like the first part of that longer process,” Taylor said. “It’s not about file attachments but really communicating inside of these documents. I really think we can prove to the world that we’re the one’s defining that new experience.”

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