CBS’s Quincy Smith: Hulu Strategy a Waste of Time, Money

Image interviews CBS Interactive head Quincy Smith.  CBS, in our opinion, continues to have the most enlightened web strategy of the traditional networks–in large part because of Quincy.  Key points:

  • Goal is open syndication of content: multi-partner, nonexclusive, anytime, anywhere–not to force everyone to visit [which they won’t]
  • Internet users want to watch clips, not full-length shows.  This probably won’t change: Given choice between at plasma TV and a laptop, most people will pick the TV.
  • Successful clip production is about more than just chopping down TV or showing promos–there’s an art to it. [Note: This means extra talent and extra cost]
  • Each of CBS’s major portal partners has particular demographic strengths; one size won’t fit all.
  • We’re still talking with MySpace about portal partnership.
  • We’re still talking to Hulu, but don’t understand why they are trying to build a destination site.  It’s a waste of time and money and a distraction.
  • We’re still working with iTunes but want more control over pricing–just like everyone else.  We’re grateful to NBC for fighting that war for us.
  • Most big media is still suffering from delusion that if sites don’t get their content, the sites will die.  Keep dreaming.

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