Quincy Smith and CBS Still Get Online Video

At the NewTeeVee conference, CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith demonstrated why he and CBS deserve to be viewed as having the smartest Internet strategy of the major TV networks. Eric Savitz reports:

  • Quincy doesn’t hate Hulu (He just sees no reason to work with them).  In fact Hulu’s distributed vision is similar to CBS’s.
  • Clips still rule online video, not full shows.  70% of web video sessions are clips.  But since 30% of volume is shows, CBS also streams shows. Not either/or.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, broadband will not change clip dominance: Asia has full broadband and people still watch clips.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, HD will not change clip dominance.
  • CBS has 285 web syndication partners.
  • Old media now gets the Internet.  Internet folks still don’t get old media.

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