Quickflix Shares Up Slightly After Agreeing To Stream New Disney, NBC And BBC TV Shows In Australia

Picture courtesy BBC

Quickflix shares are up slightly this morning after it announced plans to add shows including Downton Abbey, Parks and Recreation, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Sherlock and Doctor Who to its TV streaming service.

Like Netflix in the US, Quickflix offers Australian subscribers movies and TV shows by DVD or Blu-ray or streamed over the internet, on demand.

It listed on the ASX in July 2005 at $0.15 but shares are now trading at less than a tenth that, closing at $0.012 on Friday and opening at $0.013 following this morning’s announcement.

The new shows will be added under new deals with the Walt Disney Company Australia, NBC Universal and BBC Worldwide ANZ.

Quickflix has previously suggested that its streaming service could help stem content piracy in Australia by offering cheaper, convenient and legal alternatives to pay-TV.

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