12 Ways To Save Valentine's Day In 20 Minutes Or Less

Brian MazzaBrian Mazza, Partner at the Paige Group

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily rank high on every man’s list of priorities, especially not when they’re working 80 hours a week like a Wall Streeter.Unfortunately, the day has to come once a year, and once a year men across the planet have to make it work no matter how stretched their schedules are.

Lucky for you, Clusterstock is thinking about this. We talked to Brian Mazza, a partner at one of the hottest hospitality companies in New York City (Paige Hospitality Group), owner of bespoke suit shop Windsor Custom and general man-about-town. He gave us the lowdown on what you can do to make Valentine’s Day work in the blink of an eye.

Consider him your life raft right now.

Recreate your first date.

Make a last minute reservation at the restaurant where you first met or had your first date. She'll be touched by your thoughtfulness.

But add champagne this time around.

Then call the restaurant and request that the waiter bring a bottle of champagne to the table for her, immediately after being seated. She'll be impressed you didn't even have to order it.

Call a luxury car service for transportation.

Call a car service and have a car pick her up wherever she is to take her to the restaurant.

Wondering which car service to call? Try Ben's, Regal, or Automotive Luxury.

Make sure the transportation is available all night.

Then have it waiting outside the restaurant after you're finished dinner to take you wherever you go next.

Make an appointment to get a blow out the next day at her favourite salon.

Don't know which one is her favourite? You can't go wrong with Frederic Fekkai, OC 61, the Bumble and Bumble in the West Village or the Aveda Academy in South Village.

Flowers are readily available everywhere. Make sure they're easy to carry.

Buy flowers on the way to the restaurant but make sure it's a small bouquet she can easily take with her after dinner; not something cumbersome to carry like long stemmed roses.

Wondering where to find that perfect bouquet? You'll be sure to find something to your taste at Flowers By Richard, Sunshine Florists, or Gardenia Organic.

Let her chose her gift.

Buy an online gift certificate to GiftBar--tell her you wanted to give HER the option.

Make sure you add a personal touch. Try a handwritten card.

Buy a card and write a hand written note. Give it to her at dinner. It shows you're a gentleman.

Offer to give her a massage.

In the note, tell her she has an appointment for a foot massage anytime she wants ... from you.

Or pay someone else to give her the full spa treatment.

Make a reservation for a massage for her over the weekend.

Try the The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, the La Prairie Spa at the Ritz Carlton or the Dharma Healing Arts Studio.

A quick phone call to a quiet spot for drinks can go a long way.

Make a reservation for after-dinner drinks at an intimate spot like the Carlysle Hotel.

Only if it's your girlfriend, make a last minute hotel reservation for a weekend staycation.

The Standard Hotel, the downtown Dream Hotel, the Algonquin, and the Tribeca Grand are all lovely.

You can make it work if these heavyweights can...

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