There's a huge queue for Banksy's new 'bemusement' park Dismaland -- 2 hours before it even opens

Street artist Banksy surprised the world by announcing the opening of a new “bemusement park” called Dismaland.

The new venue is a clearly satirical take on Disney’s theme parks, both in its name and its layout. Dismaland takes place in an old seafront lido in Weston-super-Mare in the south west of England. It features new work from Banksy, as well as big names like Damien Hirst. 

The exhibition opens today at 11 a.m., but only for locals who have redeemed a voucher handed out with the local paper. The general public can get in from tomorrow.

Judging from Twitter there are big queues this morning even with the entry stipulation, around 2 hours before doors even open.

The top tweet shows the queue beginning to form at 7.30 a.m., while the bottom two show how big it got by 9am.


 Check out what it’s like inside Dismaland.

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