This iPhone app turns your chores into video game quests

There’s something extremely satisfying about finishing a video game quest and receiving your virtual reward, so a new task management app called Quest wants to apply that same idea to your boring old chores.

By turning each item on your to-do list into a tiny 8-bit adventure, Quest transforms your chores into a game of sorts, allowing you to complete your tasks the same as you would a video game quest.

Gamifying your chores is not exactly a new concept — Product Hunt points out that apps like HabitRPG and Epic Win have already explored this territory. But Quest shines because of its simplicity, charming design, and an attention to detail on the part of its developers that helps evoke that classic video game feel.

Quest doesn’t have any of the complicated menus that plague some video games. Instead, the app keeps things simple and straightforward.

Creating a new task in Quest is as easy as pulling down on the screen. Quest generates a random 8-bit enemy to represent each task, which you’ll vanquish after completing that specific chore. You can also create a reminder for that task, and Quest also includes a handy calendar.

Did you finally finish that last load of laundry or make that grocery store run?

With Quest you just swipe to the right to “complete” a quest, which will reward you with a green gem and some experience points.¬†As in a video game, if you complete enough tasks your 8-bit avatar will level up, and over time you’ll be able to equip new items and weapons.

If you want to see a list of your completed tasks, Quest even has a completed quest log with the traditional canvas art design often found in video game menus. There’s also a Notification Center widget so you can check off quests from your iPhone’s lock screen.

Quest works because it doesn’t trade video game nostalgia for functionality — at the end of the day it’s a full-featured and flexible task management app with a video game theme.

Quest is only available for iPhone at the moment, and you can download it for free over at the App Store.

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