Quentin Tarantino explains the mind-blowing way that all of his movies are connected

Quentin Tarantion Jason Merritt Getty finalJason Merritt/GettyQuentin Tarantino.

For years, super-fans of Quentin Tarantino have put all his work under a microscope and come to the theory that his films exist within the same world.

And it turns out they’re right.

From Uma Thurman’s character in “Pulp Fiction,” Mia Wallace, explaining the plot of “Fox Force Five” — which is essentially the same as “Kill Bill” — to characters in different films being related — like Vic Vega in “Reservoir Dogs” and Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction” — the connections among Tarantino films are deep. And now Tarantino confirms that in fact they’re all connected, and even exist in the same universe, or two universes.

While talking to Australia’s the Project, the Oscar winner confirmed the theory, but also added that there are some movies of his that are movies that characters in other movies of his would watch — essentially, fictions inside a fiction.

“So ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ ‘Kill Bill,’ they all take place in this special movie universe,” the director said. “When all the characters of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ or ‘Pulp Fiction,’ when they go to the movies, ‘Kill Bill’ is what they go to see. ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ is what they see.”

We are guessing “The Hateful Eight,” his latest, falls into the category of movies that his characters go to see. Since, as far as we can tell, nothing from that movie relates to his previous work. But let us know in the comments if we’re wrong.

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