PHOTOS: Snake Strangles And Eats A Crocodile in Australia

Samuel L Jackson will star as the crocodile in the Hollywood remake of snake v croc. Photo: Tiffany Corlis via ABC North West Queensland

Here’s an extraordinary “only in Queensland” moment, captured by an ABC listener who then sent the photos to ABC North West Queensland, where we spotted them. You can see the amazing end result, with the python devouring the croc whole on the ABC website here.

This remarkable fight to the death happened over the weekend at Lake Moondarra near the mining town of Mt Isa in Queensland.

And showing they raise them both tough and droll in Queensland, Ms Corlis told the ABC that it didn’t discourage her from swimming in the lake.

“I think I’ll just send someone else in first,” she said.

Life’s tough in Queensland. Photo: Tiffany Corlis/ABC North West Queensland
Now what’s for dessert? The python devours the croc. Photo: Tiffany Corlis via ABC North West Queensland

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