Queensland Wants To Put Bikies In Their Own Especially-Horrible Jail As Part Of Its Crackdown

Bikie-Bike Gangs-outlaw motorcycle gangs A general view of the Rebels Bikie gang Clubhouse is seen ahead of a meeting of the NSW Bikers Council during a media call at the Rebel’s Clubhouse on April 26, 2009. Photo: Getty/Pool

Under Queensland’s proposed tough anti-bikie laws, outlaw motorcycle gang members could be put in their own jail, where they are kept in their cells for 23 hours a day and their phone calls are monitored.

According to ABC News there would also be no gym, and they would subject to regular drug tests, and there would be no television. All phone calls that are not related to legal matters would also be checked.

Queensland is cracking down on outlaw bike gangs after a series of high-profile crimes involving multiple gang members, such as a massive brawl on the Gold Coast.

Under the tough proposed rules, gang members would not be allowed to own a tattoo parlour, and could have their bikes crushed for certain crimes.

The biker jail, according to The ABC’s report, would be built at the Woodford Correctional Centre, north of Brisbane. Members who are already locked up elsewhere in the state would be sent to the new facility.

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