Queensland Police Told To Get Tough On Bikies Or Quit

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Queensland is cracking down on outlaw motorcycle gangs, and police in the state have been told to get tough or consider their future in the force.

According to The ABC rank-and-file police have been sent emails warning them that the state is basically at war with the bikers, and if they’re not on board with that, then get out.

New laws in Queensland mean it is illegal for outlaw motorcycle gang members to associate or own tattoo parlours, and they face tougher sentences and can be sent to their own jail, which sounds terrible.

From The ABC’s report, here’s some of what the emails said:

“Government considers that we – the QPS Senior Executive – have failed to adequately and professionally respond to this matter – consider this in all your communication and thinking”.

“This is a crisis – has been compared to a terrorist act – we should be developing our strategies locally based on this type of thinking.

“The mission is clear – to rid Queensland of criminal motorcycle gangs (CMG) – it is to be achieved in conjunction with normal business, priorities and the current change process – if this is not personally acceptable to you, consider your future with the QPS.

The union has said police have every right to question the new laws, especially since they can face personal retribution for enforcing them.

There’s more here.

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