Queensland Nurse Blood Tests Return Negative Results, No Ebola Virus Detected

Working on ZMapp, the ebola drug.

The 57-year-old woman under observation in Cairns hospital has returned negative blood test results for the potentially fatal Ebola virus.

Australian nurse Sue-Ellen Kovack recently returned from Sierra Leone where she had spent one month as a Red Cross aid worker treating Ebola-infected patients in a hospital.

Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said initial tests returned a negative result, but Kovack was likely to remain under observation for at least another 24-hours.

“This is a necessary precaution given the patient has been to West Africa and has had a fever within the incubation period of 21 days.

“For the sake of her health and to follow due diligence, we want to be sure she is clear of Ebola virus disease as well as any other disease,” Dr Young said.

She said regardless of the outcome of the tests, the broader community was not at risk of contracting EVD.

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