Queensland Man Arrested By 10 Cops For Wearing 'I'm With Stupid' T-Shirt Next To Government MP's Election Supporters

Fogerty is arrested by Queensland police for being a nuisance. Photo: Judi Jabour.

A man who mocks Queensland premier Campbell Newman on twitter with a parody account has been arrested for being a public nuisance for standing next to supporters of a government MP wearing an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt this morning.

Iain Fogerty, 44, aka @Can_do_Campbell was arrested in Fortitude Valley today after three patrol cars, a paddy wagon and an estimated 10 police officers responded to two complaints.

Fogerty was standing next to members of Brisbane Central MP Robert Cavallucci in blue t-shirts on the 2nd day of campaigning in Queensland’s January 31 snap election.

They were waving to passers-by on the corner of Brunswick and Martin streets when Fogerty joined them and began waving too.

Cavallucci claims his volunteers were harassed and pushed.

ALP supporters of rival candidate Grace Grace were on the opposite side of the street and Queensland Senator Claire Moore, who was campaigning with them, witnessed the arrest, telling The Courier Mail that it was “just ridiculous” and “totally over the top”.

Fogerty was taken away in the paddy wagon and later released on bail, charged with public nuisance and will face court on February 4.

Earlier in the day he’d tweeted that he was on the lookout for LNP campaigners.

He also pondered why there was no Liberal branding on his election posters. Brisbane Central is a swinging seat. Cavallucci is a first term MP and holds it with a 4.9% margin.

The incident was also witnessed by Judi Jabour, a media and communications adviser from political consultancy firm Campaign Capital.

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