Queensland Cops Could Get Assault Rifles To Fight Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Photo: Getty/ Bradley Kanaris

Queensland police commissioner Ian Stewart has told ABC radio he is considering a request by the union for the state’s cops to get bigger guns, as part of a crackdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The police union wants all front-line officers to have access to assault rifles and body armour.

“We don’t want to be seen as threatening,” Stewart told The ABC. “But there are times when our people will need specialist equipment to do their jobs in safety and that’s what I’m looking at right now.”

The Queensland Police Union believes officers will be at more risk after the state passed new, strict laws targeting gangs.

“The bikies will do anything to avoid capture and may seriously injure or even kill police,” QPU president Ian Leavers told ABC News.

“[Semi-automatics rifles] are the rifles on issue to police in rural and regional Queensland,” he said.

“When police are required to contain the outer cordons, the glock pistol that is on issue is pointless.

“The rifle will give better security – it has better firepower.”

The state government has not ruled out the idea either, saying it will consider any request which could aid authorities in their war on criminal motorcycle gangs.

Basically, as one staffer in the QLD governor general’s office told Business Insider last week: “We don’t mess around up here.”

There’s more at The ABC.

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