Murdoch Paper Paid For The Queen's Phone Number

Queen Elizabeth UK

Photo: AP

The Evening Standard has the news that Murdoch’s British papers may have tried to hack the Queen of England.The paper reports that a serious security breach occured after the paper paid her royal protection offers for information about her movements and details of her phone numbers.

The bribes were detailed in e-mails later found by News International executives.

“There was clear evidence from the e-mails that the security of the royal family was being put at risk”, a source familiar with the deals tells the BBC’s Robert Preston. “I was profoundly shocked when I saw them.”

Even worse — News International reportedly knew about the bribes in 2007, and they waited until June 20 2011 to tell the police.

UPDATE: BBC journalists are reporting that the e-mails show that Andy Coulson, former News of the World editor and ex PR guru for British PM David Cameron, authorised the bribes.

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