The Queen visited a supermarket with self-service checkouts and had some questions about how they work

Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesQueen Elizabeth II visits a Sainsbury pop-up store on Wednesday.
  • On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II visited a Sainsbury’s pop-up store in London, UK, to celebrate the supermarket’s 150th anniversary.
  • She was greeted by costumed actors at the store’s entrance, and viewed different products while walking through the shop.
  • Later during her visit, the Queen was shown how customers can use cell phones and self-service registers to make purchases at the store.
  • The Queen had two questions about the practice: “You can’t diddle it? You can’t cheat?”
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Queen Elizabeth II has a pretty glamorous job, but she’s still no stranger to boarding a train and going shopping.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the Queen in a grocery store, however, there’s a good chance you won’t find her at a self-checkout register. On Wednesday, the Queen visited a Sainsbury’s pop-up shop in London, UK, which was built to celebrate the chain’s 150th anniversary.

During a tour of the store, Queen Elizabeth II was shown how customers can scan products with their phones, and then pay for them using a self-service register. The Queen appeared sceptical of the practice, and asked, “You can’t diddle it? You can’t cheat?”

“Well, you always can cheat,” an employee told the Queen. “But with the weighing scales we’ve got, that should prevent certain items from going undetected.”

The Queen shoppingWPA Pool/Getty ImagesA Sainsbury’s employee and the Queen use a self-service register.

Prior to making a purchase, the Queen was greeted by costumed actors while entering the pop-up shop.

She arrived wearing a blue-green coat and matching hat. For accessories, she donned white gloves and a simple black handbag.

Queen Elizabeth SainsburyChris Jackson/Getty ImagesQueen Elizabeth II enters a Sainsbury’s pop-up shop.

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And, because she was visiting a food store, the Queen also perused products like sausage, chicken, butter, and bacon while in the shop.

The queen sainsburyWPA Pool/Getty ImagesThe Queen takes a tour of a Sainsbury’s pop-up shop.

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