Quebec City Sells The Naming Rights To Its Un-Built Hockey Arena To Media Giant Quebecor

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The New York Giants and Jets must just be asking for too much money for the naming rights to New Meadowlands Stadium, because other teams are having no trouble selling their stadium naming rights before the buildings have even been constructed.As Farmers Insurance did with the new Los Angeles football stadium a month ago, Quebecor Media Inc. has already signed up for the naming rights and management responsibilities for Quebec City’s new hockey arena.

Quebecor will contribute $63 million to the building cost if an NHL team is locked up,and $33 million without one.  Quebecor will also pay the city $3 million annually over the course of the 25-year deal.

The new arena is expected to cost $400 million, and although there are no definitive plans to put an NHL team in Quebec, the Atlanta Thrashers, Phoenix Coyotes, and New York Islanders are all candidates to move.

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