Quattro/iAd Co-Founder Has A New Startup


[credit provider=”Engadget” url=”http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/07/steve-jobs-live-from-wwdc-2010/?sort=newest&refresh=60″]

Lars Albright, who co-founded Quattro Wireless, the mobile ad startup that Apple bought and that became iAds, has a new startup called Session M, VentureBeat reports. Few details are known about the startup, but it’s being funded by top VC Kleiner Perkins, out of its “iFund” for iOS startups, and Highland Capital, which was an investor in Quattro. 

The only clue about what the startup will do is a note by its founder: “As the app ecosystem continues its explosive growth, developers are looking for new ways to achieve higher rates of engagement, and deliver even more rewarding experiences to their users. This is where session M steps in.”


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