Quarterlife's TV Flop: NBC's Problem, Not The Web's

“Quarterlife”, the network-TV-to-MySpace-and back-again show, cratered on national TV. So commentators tripped over themselves to declare the Web-to-TV model dead. Wrong, says Jordan Levin, who once ran a network himself (the WB) and who is now CEO of Web production studio Generate.

“To say it proved or disproved a model, that’s insanity,” he said at McGraw Hill’s Media Summit. What NBC’s “Quarterlife” experience proved, he said, is that a show about whiny 20-somethings didn’t work out on NBC, whose average viewer is in their late 40s.

HBO digital distribution VP Rishi Malhotra agreed. “There’s a difference between a place you can launch a program and the place where it can live and succeed,” he said.

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