'Quarterlife' Producer Says Series 'On The Upswing'

Creator Marshall Herskovitz says the last two 8-minute installments of the web series “Quarterlife” have drawn more than 100,000 viewers in their first 24 hours, up from 60,000 viewers for the previous three. In an interview with NY Times’ Brian Stelter, Herskovitz disputes our calculation that each episode of “Quarterlife” would need at least 1.7 million viewers per episode just to break even, mainly because its sponsors, including Toyota, paid well above standard rates to be associated with the program.

NewTeeVee did an analysis of the series that showed a steep drop-off in interest after its blow-out first episode. More than 800k viewers watched the first episode, thanks to favourable placement on YouTube, but by episode 7, viewers had dropped to less than 32k. The numbers don’t include streams from the “Quarterlife” web page, which the producers haven’t released.

Now the numbers are up again, thanks to better promotion on MySpace. Will it be enough? NBC, which took an equity stake, sure hopes so. The series will air on the network starting Feb. 18.

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