Watch The ‘Quantum Levitation’ Viral Video Ad That Let Everyone Down When They Found Out It Was Fake

A video popped up on YouTube the day before Christmas that people went crazy over. It features little vehicles modelled after those in the video game Wipeout supposedly using “controlled quantum levitation” to float around a track.

It went viral, and has racked up nearly a million views. People tried so hard to believe it, but alas, it was too good to be true.

All the tell-tale hoax signs were there, but it still fooled many. The video had a connection with a brand, the generically named Japan Institute of Science and Technology had supposedly created it, and the smoke clips through the track walls at time. Blogs across the web worked hard to definitively debunk it.

Naturally, the video was a ploy by Sony and developer SCE Studio Liverpool to promote the Wipeout 2048 game that’s coming out on the PS Vita, reports David Kiefaber at Adweek.

It certainly worked, and got the game tons of exposure (though there are plenty of heartbroken viewers out there that will feel deceived by the charade).

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet (0:43 is when the action starts):

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