It's incredible how lifelike these famous actors look in this new video game

Tuesday at Gamescom, the annual game convention held in Germany, Xbox showed off footage for exclusive console game “Quantum Break”.

The game, which follows Jack Joyce as he fights to stop the end of time, shows “X-Men” actor Shawn Ashmore in the title’s lead role. However, he’s not just voicing the character, you get to play as Ashmore on screen. 

A trailer, which also debuted at Gamescom, showed off how Ashmore and a few other big actors will look in the game, and they look incredbily lifelike. We had to do a double take when some of them appeared on screen.

Check them out below.

Here’s Ashmore as Jack Joyce in the game’s trailer. 

Here he is in “Quantum Break” game footage:

And here’s Ashmore in real life:

Aiden Gillen stars as the protagonist of the new game. But you’re probably more familiar with him from a hit HBO television series. 

Gillen is best known for his role as Littlefinger on “Game of Thrones.”

“The Wire” star Lance Reddick also shows up in the trailer, too.

Here he is in real life:

Lance reddickAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesLance Reddick at the 46th NAACP Image Awards.

Having big-name actors transformed into video game characters has become increasingly more popular over the past several years. 

Kevin Spacey appeared in 2014’s “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” and Norman Reedus of “The Walking Dead” was set to star in a canceled “Silent Hill” reboot after appearing at the end of PS4’s exclusive playable trailer, P.T.

“Quantum Break” will be released exclusively on the Xbox One April 5, 2016.

Kevin spacey call of dutyActivision/CoDAW trailerA still of Kevin Spacey in ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.’
Silent HillsA still of Norman Reedus from the playable trailer ‘P.T.’

Here’s the full trailer:


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