MILLIONAIRE TOY OF THE DAY: An ATV That Transforms Into A Watercraft

The latest in luxury toys for billionaires is the Quadski, an amped-up ATV from Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc.

Hailed “The World’s First Amphiquad” on the company website, the Quadski can reach speeds of 45 mph on both land and water, and can transition between the two in under five seconds.

The Quadski can race across land with 80 horsepower or, with the press of a button, its four wheels will effortlessly fold into the vehicle and the Quadski can speed across the water with 140 horsepower.

This is the first commercially available sports amphibian to exceed 10 mph and retail on the U.S. market. The all-terrain vehicle is 10.5 feet long, and weighs approximately 1,300 pounds.

The Quadski is built with a BMW Motorrad K-1300 engine that is coupled with the company’s own patented water jet propulsion system. Its lower centre of gravity is partly why it remains so balanced on land and water.

This incredible amphibious sports vehicle has a starting price of $40,000 for the first 1,000 production units, according to a report by Popular Mechanics.


Photo: Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc


Photo: Gibbs Sports Amphibians Inc

See it in action below.

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