QTrax: Actual Deal With Major Label

We’re going to have to figure out a different way to refer to QTrax, which we normally describe as “the service that wants to bring you free, ad-supported music downloads but doesn’t have deals with any major music labels“. That’s because the company now has a deal with Universal Music Group, the world’s biggest label. And that means QTrax users should soon be able to get a big swath of music, free of charge, via the service.

We don’t have any details, nor have we seen a press release or confirmed the story with QTrax or UMG, but in this case we’re assuming that Eliot and Greg have double-checked everything before publishing but we have confirmed the deal with UMG.

We’ll be very interested in trying QTrax out once UMG’s stuff is available. We’ll also be very curious to learn how the deal was structured, and wouldn’t be surprised to learn that UMG had taken an equity stake in QTrax — it’s been demanding and receiving chunks of several small music startups in recent months.

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