And The Most Overused Cliché To Describe QE2 Is...

titanic nytimes tbi

Too easy.

  • DailyCaller: QE2 vs. The Titanic
  • Reuters: Monetary Policy: QE2 or the Titanic?
  • Peter Schiff: Bernanke’s QE2 Will Sunk Just Like The Titanic
  • CNBC: Art Cashin: Fed’s QE2 Starting to Look Like the ‘Titanic’
  • MarketOracle: From QE2 To Economic Titanic, The Global Asset Inflation Surge
  • WSJ: QE2 Or Titanic?
  • Al-Jazeera: QE2 — A Financial Titanic?
  • Michael Pettis: QE2 and the Titanic

We could go on….

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