Qantas won’t let passengers charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

Note 7 melted
Picture: Baidu/Mr. Ni66666

Qantas has banned customers from charging the beleaguered Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on its flights.

Samsung recalled all Galaxy Note 7 devices last week after reports of fire and explosions due to a suspected battery flaw.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the first Australian incident acknowledged by Samsung involved a Perth man whose exploding smartphone reportedly caused $1,800 of damage to his hotel room.

A Qantas passenger has now claimed on social media that crew on his flight requested customers not to charge the devices on the plane.

A Qantas spokesperson confirmed the ban to Business Insider Australia, saying that since Samsung’s recall the airline had been directing passengers to “not switch on or charge them inflight”.

In the US, the FAA told Gizmodo that it’s “still working on exploring the issue but that no final decision has been made”.

The Galaxy Note 7 was launched to critical acclaim just last month, with the recall expected to affect more than 50,000 Australian customers.