Qantas, The World's Safest Airline, Has Been Fined $200,000 For Selling Dangerous Toys

Qantas Airways. Photo: Getty Images

Qantas Airways has been fined $200,000 after for selling hundreds of dangerous toys to passengers on flights last year.

The toys, Nano Magnetics Nanodots, were being sold for $55 as part of the airline’s duty-free program, managed by catering business Alpha Flight Services, the Herald Sun reported.

The small magnetic novelty products have been banned for sale in Australia since 2012, however, a passenger on a Hong Kong-bound flight noticed they were being sold during a flight and complained to staff on two separate occasions.

The products were eventually removed and the 223 already sold items were recalled.

The small magnetic dots have been permanently banned from sale in Australia, because the dots can be swallowed by children and the magnets can then cluster together in the stomach.

Consumer Affairs took action against Qantas and Alpha Flight services in June last year, with Federal Court Judge Tony Pagone ruling the airline did not have a reliable complaint system and that its duty-free program did not comply with the law.

Alpha was fined $50,000, while Qantas was hit with a $200,000 penalty. Both companies must publish public notices regarding the incident on their websites and in newspapers and must also cover the cost of destroying the illicit toys seized by Consumer Affairs.

Qantas, which just yesterday was named safest airline in the world for 2015, has since implemented a duty-free product safety compliance program.

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