Qantas' Share Price Didn't Fall Because I'm Staying: Alan Joyce

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (Photo: Bloomberg)

Qantas shares fell more than 9% yesterday after its horror half-year results release, but Alan Joyce says this isn’t because he’s staying on as chief executive.

There were calls for him to resign yesterday after the $252 million loss was revealed alongside 5000 planned job cuts.

Joyce, who had run the airline since 2008, told The ABC it was “coincidence” investors were dumping stock yesterday.

“Share prices move up and down every day,” he said.

“Our shareholders are fully supportive of us, fully supportive of the board and fully supportive of the strategy.

“Obviously the market takes some time to digest these things, but I don’t think you can relate any one issue to movements in the share price on a daily basis.”

There’s more here.

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