Qantas Reroutes Over Iraq Upon US Federal Aviation Advice

Photo: Getty / File

Qantas has rerouted its twice-daily A380 flights over Iraqi airspace following recommendations from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

Emirates discontinued flights over Iraq on Tuesday, in light of the MH17 disaster, but Qantas did not follow its lead.

Now, the US FAA has raised the minimum ceiling for flights from 20,000ft to 30,000ft and Qantas has reassessed its position.

“We have no new information that alters our safety assessment of flying over Iraq, especially given the altitudes we maintain over this region,” Qantas said.

“However, given the various restrictions imposed by different governments in the past 24 hours, including by the United States’ FAA, Qantas has temporarily rerouted its flights within the Middle East to avoid Iraqi airspace.”

The new route will see services between Dubai and London lengthened just 10 minutes.

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