Here’s how much you need to spend on a credit card to get enough points to buy a toaster

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  • It’s about to get harder to earn Qantas points using credit cards.
  • Financial comparison website has calculated how much you will need to spend on a credit card to buy a $129 toaster.
  • Westpac, NAB, Macquarie Bank and Woolworths are all changing the way they calculate earning points.

Coming cuts to Qantas points earning programs for credit cards will mean spending as much as $52,000 to redeem a toaster costing $129.

Westpac and NAB customers will be earning fewer Qantas frequent flyer points now that their-point-for-each-dollar Amex cards are being retired, leaving lower earning Visa or Mastercards.

The maximum earn rates will be cut by as much as 50%, according to research by financial comparison website

NAB dropped its Amex card last month. Westpac customers only have theirs until April 4, although Westpac has said it will put a different Amex offering on the table.

The Woolworths Qantas Platinum Card will also change next month. Under the new rules, shoppers will only earn maximum points if they shop at Woolworths-owned stores. Shopping anywhere else will see points halved.

Macquarie Bank has also changed the points system on the Platinum Qantas card. Any spend over $1,000 a month now earns points at half the rate. Previously this limit was $2,500.

Here’s what all the changes mean:


The RateCity research shows the average credit card customer using a Westpac Qantas Platinum Card will need to spend $52,000 to claim a mid-range toaster.

NAB customers will be slightly better off, spending $41,457 to secure enough Qantas points for the Breville Look and Lift 4 slice toaster.

RateCity recommends being wary of high annual fees.

“If you’re getting $129 worth of toasters each year but paying a $150 annual fee, then you’re getting duped,” says

How much does a Breville Lift and Look Toaster – 4 Slice cost?

  • Points in Qantas store: 26,090
  • Or $129 at Myer and David Jones
  • And how much you need to spend to get those Qantas points: