Qantas is phasing out service and sales desks at airports, with 100 jobs set to go

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Qantas is making some big changes at airports.

The airline is getting rid of its service and sales desks as it moves to focus on its online options. Its check-in services, however, will remain as usual.

At sales desks, passengers can buy tickets or purchase excess baggage, while service desks are mostly used by people who may want to change seats.

The airline plans to phase out these desks by the start of 2021, with around 100 jobs to go. They are part of the 6000 job losses Qantas announced earlier this year due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the airline.

“While most employees will be redeployed, we expect most or all job losses will be voluntary redundancies,” Qantas Executive Manager Product and Service, Phil Capps said in a statement to Business Insider Australia.

Some staff members will be redeployed into other roles such as helping passengers check-in and will also get mobile payment devices to process any sales.

The changes comes as flight passengers have been opting for more digital options, with Qantas seeing a 20% increase in customers checking in online since flights resumed.

As a result, Qantas has added extra services on its app, like giving passengers more choice over their seats, allowing passengers to link bookings so they can sit together and giving them access to upgrades. Through the app, passengers can also switch flights and buy extra baggage.

Capps highlighted the main reasons behind Qantas’ changes around service and sales desks.

“The main driver is an increasing shift towards people using our app to check in and manage their own bookings, particularly as we expand what the app can do,” he said.

“This was happening before COVID but it has accelerated significantly since. Given that shift, we can’t ignore the efficiencies that come with removing the traditional sales desks, particularly in the current environment.”

The changes come after Qantas and its subsidiary Jetstar announced extra flights between NSW and Victoria amid the border reopening on November 23. It will see Qantas Group’s domestic capacity jump from 30% of pre-COVID levels to just under 40% from late November.

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