Qantas just made it easier to book flights with points

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce. Photo: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Booking free or discounted flights is one of the most popular ways to redeem Qantas points.

However, the Qantas Frequent Flyer website has never been particularly user-friendly. Qantas is looking to fix this issue with the introduction of ‘Where Can I Go?’; an interactive map that allows customers to search and explore travel destinations using Classic Flight Rewards, Points Plus Pay or cash. Here are the details.

The Where Can I Go? interactive map is available for both domestic and international flights. As its name implies, the tool is designed to make choosing destinations and spending points more intuitive.

Customers can refine and filter destinations based on their budget, points, cabin preference, length of trip or travel dates. (Previously, FF customers needed to rely on the Qantas website, which simply spits out a big list of locations.)

The Map is geared towards users looking for holiday destinations, with hundreds of domestic and international destinations available across the Qantas and partner airline network. With a few clicks, you can see which destinations you can travel to using just your points, a set budget or a combination of both.

Currently, the Where Can I Go? map is only available through desktop, laptop or tablet devices, but Qantas has plans to launch a mobile and Qantas App version by the end of the year. Here are the map’s key features, as outlined by Qantas:

  • Interactive map-based search encouraging exploration across the Qantas and partner network.
  • Ability to search based on budget, Qantas Points, trip duration, travel period or region.
  • Easier for Qantas Frequent Flyers to search available Classic Flight Rewards.
  • This technology is available to customers via the homepage on

[Via Qantas]

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